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Engagement Reporting

A unique employee engagement survey, metrics, action plan and collaboration solution.
Vibe HCM delivers a sophisticated technology environment in support of your employee engagement programs. Instant access to survey results, key talent metrics, action planning, program communications and social media collaborations.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Employee engagement drivers vary based on your specific situation – your culture, values, strengths and weaknesses. Vibe HCM combines not only engagement survey data but also a broad range of HR metrics influencing your company’s performance.

Engagement isn’t a one-time event.

Engagement Surveys tell only part of the story. Improving employee engagement is an ongoing process. Leverage a metrics driven model to continually assess which talent drivers have the greatest impact on your business.

Turn insight into action.

On-demand action planning, engagement dashboards, personalized communications, social media work groups - all aligned to drive change in support of your talent strategy.
Key Features & Benefits

Combine Employee Engagement Data with HR Metrics

  1. View engagement survey data over multiple periods and/or by business unit, reporting location, job function
  2. Trend leadership effectiveness over time
  3. Infuse engagement data into key HR metrics (i.e. turnover, diversity, comp level/increases, performance rating, development plans, training)
  4. Report on engagement data by employee life cycle (i.e. new hire, transfer, long service, terminated)
  5. View org chart by manager’s direct report engagement levels

Trend Engagement Results Over Time

  1. Engagement survey explorers offer comprehensive views of survey data over time
  2. Real-time dashboards spanning workforce management, talent & performance, compensation, and engagement
  3. Engagement scorecards identify high scoring items and areas for focus

Execute Your Action Plans

  1. Initiate and monitor action plans through an easy-to-use web interface
  2. Create a schedule of key dates in the planning process
  3. Automatically recommend areas for improvement
  4. Configure automated workflow for sharing plans and obtaining the necessary approvals
  5. Schedule and manage on-location visits
  6. Provide executives with action planning status dashboards and communication tools

Communications and Social Toolkit

  1. Leverage a robust communications platform with personalized hubs, tools and views to communicate and reinforce your strategy
  2. Engage your workforce in an ongoing dialogue with compelling social tools, such as profiles, communities, forums, blogs, wikis and tagging/ratings
  3. Drive change while fostering deeper connections among employees and management
You helped us to think outside the box, drive towards a solution that would be relevant to our largest partner age group of 18-23, and continuously encouraged us to "change the game".
Cara Beck
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cfactor not only provides world-class technology, but also world-class service, which is extremely rare.
Jeff Hansen
Sr. Vice President
Cool system of engagement
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HCM Industry Analyst
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