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Metrics & Dashboards

Vibe HCM’s on-demand HR Metrics & Dashboards deliver unparalleled access and visibility to your workforce. Extend your current payroll/hr systems while providing real-time access to metrics across your divisions, geographic locations, and various management roles.
Key Features & Benefits

Have You Ever Wondered?

What is my regrettable turnover by department year-over-year? Did that new hiring process impact turnover in the first year? How successful is our strategy to promote from within? How are we doing fulfilling our employment equity goals? Are future staffing issues looming?

Find the Answer: Real-Time Metrics & Dashboards

  1. Agile deployment and use – no need to change existing systems or disrupt your business. Implementation is fast, easy, and cost-effective by leveraging what is already in place.
  2. 100% web based. Authorized managers can instantly view actionable metrics, analyze trends, and conduct informed comparisons on-demand.
  3. Designed for simplicity, interactivity, business impact – make your business more competitive:
    1. Manage compensation costs by division, region or department
    2. Forecast seasonal hiring needs
    3. Manage profitability or revenue by headcount
    4. Save time and effort in EEO or AAP data collection
  4. Gain insight into recruitment effectiveness (analyze by location, by new hire turnover, turnover by performance rating, etc.).
  5. Unparalleled Workforce Visibility – explore and mine talent using multi-dimensional reporting tools. Compare key metrics across location, jurisdictions, roles, and job functions.
  6. Real-Time Dynamic, Interactive Dashboards spanning:
    1. Onboarding
    2. HR Management
    3. Compensation
    4. Performance
    5. Development
    6. Diversity
cfactor provides Zions with world-class technology and service. By seamlessly interfacing with Zions' self-hosted HRMS (ADP Enterprise), cfactor has provided us with role-based access to key HRIS data.
Jeff Hansen
Sr. Vice President
Until you see this Workforce Insight in action, you don't realize how much it brings to the table. You can use it to support organization-wide initiatives and gain visibility into information you normally would never have. Real-time, instantaneous, on the spot dashboards for managers---now that's something that really makes a difference.
Deb Maher
Sr. Director HRIS & Shared Services